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YogaKids Pose of the Week

Each pose includes an idea for a fun, interactive, activity in the classroom or at home and describes which of YogaKids' 14 elements have been incorporated.

The 14 elements are based on themes, and include music, math concepts, ecological facts, anatomy, non competitive games, language games, art work and breath play/relaxation.

YogaKids encourages some of our first steps towards self awareness, self esteem, compassion and health, empowering them with tools to help cope with daily stresses, and learn about and respect the world they live in.

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YogaKids Pose of the Week

"Of all the trainings and study I have done, all the work with kids both as a teacher and in raising my 3 girls, Yogakids touched me the most. I have learned so much from the Yogakids way, and use so much of Marsha Wenig's teachings in my classes."

~ Tracey, New York Mother and Teacher

A complete yoga for children program providing yoga poses for kids, yoga in the classroom, kids yoga dvd and much more!

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