What to charge for teaching yoga to children and teens

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    October 27, 2014 at 11:03 am #7327

    What to charge for teaching kids yoga?
    This is a questions that comes up often when venturing out to teach.
    YOGA STUDIOS: During my YKA / YogaKids Apprentice training and before I was certified, I was hired by a yoga studio to teach weekly classes to grades K- 5 and 6-8. I also taught family yoga and preschool yoga classes. The owner of the studio and I determined the price together by looking at what the yoga studio was currently charging for adult classes 90 minutes in length and what would be a reasonable price to set for a kid’s class 75 minutes in length. We also had to consider that I would be making purchases for art and other supplies, that would be included in the classes. At the time, the studio charged $18 per class for adults, so we decided on $15 per class for kids. I would receive a 70/30 split, meaning 70 percent of the money would go to me and 30 percent to the studio. This was a very generous offer, I was to find out in the future. Some studios wanted 60/40, 50/50, or charged a flat rate for using the space.

    Please keep in mind that you have to consider the cost of living for your demographics. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is very expensive and most studios charge $18 to $25 a class here.

    PRIVATES: During my apprenticeship, I did not charge, and felt comfortable with this because I was still learning. When I did my special needs module, I began working with a family ongoing and it felt appropriate to begin charging them, so I charged $35 for a one hour class. Once I became a Certified YogaKids Teacher, I charged $50 an hour. After I received my RYT200 hour adult certification, I raised my rates to $60 an hour. After receiving my E-RYT200 (E = experienced meaning have taught 1000 hours as a Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher and completed my RYT500), I felt confident to raise my rate to $80 an hour. This also included the fact that I have completed many other certifications since my YogaKids training (at-risk youth, special needs, yoga therapy, seniors, etc) and I have a masters degree.

    But all this said, I charge what I believe to be fair based on my experience and the client’s needs, and what I need to feel compensated for my efforts.

    I hope this helps. Stay tuned as I add what to charge for schools next…

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