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Peaceful Bedtime Routine - Establishing a Yoga Bedtime Routine

Peaceful Bedtime Routine - Establishing a Yoga Bedtime Routine

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- Establishing a Yoga Bedtime Routine

An online training for Parents and Caregivers by Jackie Morrison, CYKT.

"Does your child have a difficult time getting to sleep? Is bedtime your least favorite time of the day? You are not alone, the National Association of School Psychologists believe that 30% of all school aged children have some type of sleep disorder...."

What can I do to improve my child's sleep?

" using yoga, breath work, music and guided visualization, not only children but we all sleep better. Resulting in a happy, healthy family."

From the training by Jackie Morrison, A Peaceful Bedtime Routine

The Peaceful Bedtime Routine includes: bath, brush teeth, book, Yoga, guided visualization and sleep.

The rich, dynamic multi-media training has many parts for you to explore and to use with your child.

Sample of training:

Sample of meditation:

Once you make a purchase, on your email invoice, you will receive a link to download a pdf with instructions and links to download each part of the training.

  • Peaceful Bedtime Training for Parents and Caregivers (48min) - MP3
  • Peaceful Bedtime Playbook Manual Parents and Caregivers - pdf
  • Peaceful Bedtime Meditation to use with your child - MP3
  • Peaceful Bedtime Routine to use with your child - Video
  • Heart Shape Eye Pillow Instructions - fun activity of your and your child for after school or the weekend - Video
  • Heart Shape Eye Pillow Pattern - pdf

The MP3 of the training can be opened in any MP3 player to listen to at your convenience.  The Playbook is your manual to refer to for visuals of the poses and a written document of the information shared during the MP3 training.  Some people who are visual learners find it helpful to follow along using the Playbook as they listen to the MP3 of the training but it is not necessary.  

This multi-media training has been designed so that you may listen to the training anywhere, at anytime: in the car, while working out, or during your nightly walk, or on your computer, tablet or phone as you follow along with the Playbook pdf.  The Playbook is for you to refer back to and also to use to create a Bedtime Routine for your child.  The Peaceful Bedtime Routine video is also great to watch on an Ipad or phone at night as a visual for your child to follow along with.  And the MP3 of the Bedtime Meditation is wonderful to play for your child as part of their bedtime routine.

You will have a lot of fun using the video and pattern to make a heart shape eye pillow with your child.  And using the heart shape eye pillow will become a fun part of establishing a Peaceful Bedtime Routine.

Wishing you and your child sweet slumber,

Creator: Jackie Morrison, RYT, CYKT, LMT

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