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The YogaKids Tools for Schools® Program


To offer educators of all grade levels the tools they need to seamlessly integrate age-appropriate yoga and mindfulness into the classroom and physical education curriculum on a daily basis.

You can easily integrate the TFS program materials even with no prior yoga experience

Your students will experience:

  • Greater academic achievement
  • Less stress
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Improved peer relationships
  • Development of coping skills
  • Environmental education and awareness

As a teacher, you will experience:

  • Highly effective classroom management strategies
  • More fun with your students
  • A calm, creative force in the classroom
  • Opportunities for character education
  • Innovative ways to manage students’ energy levels
  • Creative methods for teaching health and wellness

The YogaKids program, designed to honor every individual learning style, is the preeminent “yoga in the schools” program. Unlike yoga for adults, the YogaKids program combines poses, activities, games, breathing and visualization techniques that optimize student learning and classroom management in a kid-friendly way that’s easy for teachers to integrate into their existing curriculum.

The TFS program will manage your students’ classroom behavior, energy and attention:

Imagine… Walking into a classroom full of students. Many are fidgeting, some are slumped over their desks, while others are staring off into space. “Take 5,” their teacher announces. All at once, the children take a deep breath for 5 seconds and release their breath over 5 seconds. The teacher says, “Let’s do Tree pose,” and for the next 30 seconds, the students stand at their desks, take a moment to focus straight ahead, and lift one leg and both arms into the pose. After the pose, the students sit back at their desks – calmer, more alert, and focused. Even their posture look better!

The TFS program will improve your students’ focus and test-taking abilities:

Imagine… It’s moments before test time. Students are putting away their papers, clearing off their desks, and getting out their pencils. The pre-test tension in the air is palpable. The teacher turns down the lights and the students rest their heads on their desks. A calming story or guided visualization leads them on an imaginary journey to far-away lands, riding on a fluffy cloud. They visit places related to the information on which they will be tested, to help them recall important facts. As their cloud gently brings them back down to the ground, they lift their heads off the desk and approach their test without anxiety, ready for this opportunity to demonstrate what they really know.

The TFS program is easy to integrate into the core standards:

Imagine… Today’s lesson plan is on the rain forest ecosystem. Students move into an open area to learn through movement. They become the fauna of the rain forest as they slither like snakes, flap like flamingos and float like butterflies. Students create the canopy and emergent layers of the rain forest by holding hands and raising them as they create a forest of Tree poses. By the time the lesson is complete, they’ve learned about the ecosystem, the interdependence of all living things, and much more. Their most urgent question is: “When can we do that again?”

The TFS program teaches tolerance, mindfulness, and strategies for conflict resolution:

Imagine… Tempers are flaring in one area of a classroom. Two students are having a heated debate about how to complete their group’s project. Other students have stopped their work and are listening to the argument, and may soon start to take sides. The teacher intervenes, asking the two students to retreat to one corner of the room designated as the Peace Zone, and find a way to work out their problem. The other students are led through a series of yoga poses to help shake off the tension from the disagreement, and then some calming breaths to help them refocus on their own projects. After a few minutes, the two students emerge from the corner, where they have practiced specific breathing exercises and come up with a compromise they can both accept. The teacher congratulates them on their success, and everyone gets back to work. Order over chaos, confidence instead of frustration.

The TFS program will improve your students’ fitness, posture, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, digestion and overall health:

Imagine… Students filing into the gym for Physical Education. Students find a mat and sit for breathing exercises, yoga poses and relaxation. One student beams as he balances in the Eagle pose. Another feels strong and powerful in the Warrior pose. A third student is astonished when she is able to touch her forehead to her knees in Peanut Butter and Jelly pose for the first time. All the students enjoy participating in this non-competitive activity, reaping benefits beyond what is apparent. They feel calmer, stand taller, and are empowered as they return to their classroom.

Bring the power of the YogaKids Tools for Schools program into the classroom today. Visit our store to purchase our program’s easy-to-use tools or sign up for a workshop today!

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"YogaKids is a great concept and wonderful program for children. I love the component of Reading Comes Alive with Yoga. The YogaKids book and DVDs will be excellent resources in my classroom."

~ Thea Bartha, Special Education Teacher, Arlington, VR

A complete yoga for children program providing yoga poses for kids, yoga in the classroom, kids yoga dvd and much more!

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