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OTs, PTs, Educators, Childcare Providers, Counselors, Nurses and Administrators, or anyone Working to Better the Lives of Children, at YogaKids, we will Teach You...
  • Ways to make learning and therapy FUN.
  • How to use yoga to create meaningful play experiences.
  • Movement based activities that will help you meet your educational and therapeutic goals.
  • Self awareness and calming skills techniques.
  • Easy ways to support children's confidence and self-esteem.
  • Unique tools that stimulate creativity and self-expression.
  • How to use yoga to increase attention and reading comprehension.
  • Child friendly holistic health and wellness strategy.
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What are OTs, PTs, Educators, Counselors, Childcare Providers, Counselors, Nurses, Administrators or Anyone Working to Better the Lives of Children saying about YogaKIds?


"I live in southeast Michigan, and have been using the YogaKids DVDs for about the last 4 years in my work with kids with autism and learning challenges in Ann Arbor Public Schools. I am an occupational therapist, and I help my students improve their participation in their classrooms doing academic, social, vocational, avocational and self-care activities. I have found that regular yoga practice promotes focus/attention, self-regulation, motor planning, core muscle strength, and overall strength and endurance. And it's FUN! 

I would be interested in attending a training...I love watching Marsha Wenig in her DVDs and my students from K all the way to high school enjoy doing yoga while watching her and her YogaKids! Thanks!"  ~ Connie, MS-OTR/L 


"That is an EXCELLENT deal on the Tools for Schools Bundle.  I have the Tools for Schools Bundle that I use at my school – our students love it.  In fact, for our state test earlier this month on the morning that it began our Kindergarten teachers lead our 3-5 students in yoga breathing exercises from Yogakids.  I have never seen our 3-5 students so quiet and attentive in the cafeteria.  It was wonderful!  Thanks again!"  ~ Bridget, School Counselor


"Of all the trainings and study I have done, all the work with kids both as a teacher and in raising my 3 girls, Yogakids Training touched me the most. I have learned so much from the Yogakids way, and use so much of Marsha Wenig's teachings in my classes."  ~ Tracey, Mother and Teacher


“This 3 hour YogaKids Workshop allows me to introduce yoga basics to my teenaged parents.  They can use these basics with their children.”  ~ Pamela, Clinical Therapist Chicago 


"Wow! Thank You. I look forward to using what I learned at YogaKids Foundations Training in my grade two classroom. I feel very strongly that I have been given a way to be more helpful with the children in my care. Meeting every student's need is a challenge. I feel empowered!"  ~  Mindy 


"MARSHA (WENIG) THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE AND FOR SHARING THIS WONDERFUL VISION OF YOURS!!! I will keep this brief but, I did two circles of YogaKids with my group today and it was beyond my wildest dreams. All of my coworkers were transformed as well (and we have always had yoga woven into morning circle) but these children opened wide for this food and I am elated. I had a student teacher observing this afternoon from Ithaca College and she stayed an extra hour of her own time to participate with the flow.

As she was going out the door, she commented that she wished she could do this everyday! Wow and this is a Physical Education major! She got zapped!!"  ~ Sue Director, Waldorf School 


"I gained insight into how to teach children to love yoga and learning in joyous and imaginative ways."  ~ Julia, New York School Social Worker 

"After spending 4 days,  I feel even more confident in our future. The YogaKids program is such a wonderful way to have a positive, peaceful, loving impact on our world. Thanks for your vision, bringing it to life, and continuing to spread  the light."  ~ Amy, Teacher


"Sara a YogaKids instructor who volunteered to teach yoga to my 4th graders, and I jumped at the idea. It has been amazing. From the first day, the kids have been enthused and very open to every aspect of the experience. That is all due to Sara. She is extremely knowledgeable, and her soothing, positive approach resonates with the 4th graders. The results have been amazing. They love it! Their flexibility has improved as well as their balance and strength. We now use the YogaKids positions and breathing that Sara taught us in the classroom to focus, restore calm, and gain confidence, especially during a test. She graciously gives of her time every Thursday, and the students look forward to it with zeal. I have also embraced the experience and have used so many things Sara exposed me to in many aspects of my life. It has been a truly life-changing experience for all of us. I know that she is committed to the yoga philosophy and will continue to spread the positive energy to all she teaches."  ~ Caron, 4th Grade Teacher 


"I have been teaching YogaKids classes in the HeadStart preschool where I do occupational therapy.  I find that YogaKids draws the children in and I witness the growth in the children's motor planning and social skills where in traditional therapy it may take months to witness the same. I am honored to be a part of such a magnificent catalyst to peace and wholeness in our world."  ~ Prema Patti 


"As someone with little exposure to yoga, this workshop was informative as a foundational knowledge base.  I would highly recommend it to everyone."  ~ Renee, NY Physical Education Teacher 


“We would like to extend our gratitude for your outstanding workshop. Your presentation was comprehensive and well received. All of the therapists are extremely excited and motivated. The children we will share your work with range in age from 6-21 and have a varying range of disabilities such as ADD, Cerebral Palsy and other learning disabilities,”  ~ Martha, NY Board of Education 


"I received confirmation of the tremendous value of yoga for children and also got so many great ideas and details regarding techniques.  "  ~ Jeannie, Preschool Teacher 


"Great ideas for calming and helping kids to settle into their bodies.  I can easily incorporate these poses and breathing exercises into my treatment sessions."  Liz, OT


"At your Foundations 4 Day Training, I came away with a whole armful of new learning. 

I have used all the teen sequences you provided. My middle school class was able to flow right through the 3 vinyasa flows. It was beautiful to see how much they have learned this year and how far they have progressed in their knowledge and practice of yoga. 

The visualization where we returned in our minds to our teenage years brought a new clarity to me about the struggles that teens face. I remembered the passionate, yet vacillating and fluctuating moods and opinions I held during those years. The compassion I feel for my teenage students got a boost from that exercise, reflecting ever so briefly on the conflicting and confusing images and experiences that shape and sometimes distort the teenage mind.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marsha, so your diligence in pursuing your vision, and bringing YogaKids into my life and the life of my community."  ~ Jane, CYKT  Retired Teacher and Principal

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