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YogaKids Training OverviewWe have the following training options:

1. YogaKids Workshops 

For teachers*, moms, yoga instructors… anyone! 

Learn techniques for bringing the magic of YogaKids into the lives of children! We currently offer the following Workshops:

  • Taste of YogaKids
  • Teaching YogaKids to Tweens and Teens
  • Tools for Schools Playshop
*Educators may earn continuing education credits!

2. Foundations Trainings 

For teachers, moms, yoga instructors… anyone!

No prerequisite! This amazing 4-day event, filled with laughter, love and learning, will help you connect in new and exciting ways with our greatest teachers on Earth, our children. Discover yoga for the whole child, practiced the YogaKids way. 

* We are a Yoga Alliance Approved School.

3. Certified YogaKids Teacher Training

For anyone looking for a change!

Want to change your life, help others, earn money --  and do something you love? Begin your journey today towards becoming a Certified YogaKids Teacher. Our preeminent program includes an At-Home Study Practicum and attendance at a 5-Day Transformations Event.

Those wishing to become Certified YogaKids teachers must complete a Foundations Training. You can opt to enroll in the Certification Program when you sign up for a Foundations Event. If you have already taken the YogaKids Foundations Training, register here to complete your training. 

Trainings that May Earn Education for Educators Credits


A complete yoga for children program providing yoga poses for kids, yoga in the classroom, kids yoga dvd and much more!

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