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Ankle-Heel-Toe Walking

By YogaKids Team

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children's bare feet
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Let’s do some wacky walking, and find flexibility and fun with our feet.

Pose Instructions

  1. Lift your heels and walk high on your tiptoes.
  2. Lower your heels to the floor, lift your toes in the air, and walk on your heels.
  3. With your feet flat on the floor, roll your ankles in toward each other. Balance on the inside edge of your feet (your arches) and walk.
  4. Roll your ankles away from each other, balance on the outside edge of your feet, and walk around again.

Activity Ideas for Home and Classroom

Musical Musings Element
Put on your favorite music or make your own. Clap your hands to a beat or grab a pair of rhythm sticks like Devon and Kiva in the above photo. Listen to different types of music and ankle-heel-toe-arch walk to the various beats that your hear. Enjoy toe jamming with your feet.

We All Win Element
Play “Follow the Leader.” Mix up the four styles of wacky walking in various combinations and call out the directions to the children. Take turns being the leader of the ankle-heel-toe-arch walking brigade.

Awesome Anatomy
Your feet contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 38 muscles and 214 ligaments. One quarter of all the bones in your body are in your feet. This pose helps you locate the bones in your feet. Can you feel ‘em all ?

Body Benefits
Good posture starts with happy feet. The feet set the alignment of the body structure from the ground up. Flexibility and muscle tone in the feet is an important part of overall fitness.

Visual Vignettes
Have students trace their feet and label the parts: toes, nails, heel, arch, ball, and maybe even some reflexology points. Encourage them to add decorations like toe rings, tattoos, henna or nail polish to their drawings.