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butterflies and flowers

Spring is in the Air (a free YogaKids class plan!)

Spring is just around the corner! Yay! Enjoy this delightful spring-themed YogaKids class plan with the children in your life! MATERIALS
  • name tags
  • crayons
  • sharpies
  • coloring pages
  • ping pong balls
  • straws
CONNECTING CIRCLE Spring is March 20 to June 21. When it’s spring in the northern hemisphere, it’s ...
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child screaming

Yoga Tools for Temper Tantrums

When my son was 3, he was diagnosed with a dairy allergy. Not long after the diagnosis he had a meltdown over a Sponge Bob ice cream cone at a local zoo. Despite my efforts to entice him into a non-dairy treat, he insisted on the ice cream, and as ...
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Lemon Toes pose

Lemon Toes

Progressive relaxation is a wonderful technique for releasing stress and anxiety in the body -- by tensing and relaxing specific muscle groups. In YogaKids, we use the pose called Lemon Toes to help students experience progressive relaxation. It's a great final pose right before Savasana! Instructions: Lie on your back, or ...
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child in crow pose

Facing Fear and Anxiety with Challenge Poses

At a small amusement park along the Jersey shore, waiting with my kids for a turn on the ride, my eyes and ears were drawn to one particular child. High excitement could be felt from the kids in line anticipating glimpses of the ocean, onlookers, and sand sailing by as ...
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children in pedal laughing pose

Helping Kids Choose Happiness

I recently saw an interview on TV of a new mom with her baby. The reporter asked her what she wanted for her child.  “I just want her to be happy,” replied the mom, an answer that probably most of us would give. As new parents we give our baby ...
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Child in Bubble Fish pose

Open Your Heart

Valentine's Day is February 14 and why not celebrate with some heart-opening poses with your YogaKids? Here's a few great ones... Bubble Fish: Lie on your back with your arms at your sides. Bring the bottoms of your feet together and open your knees outward. Press your feet together and ...
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Child in child's pose, children in tree pose and child in bridge pose

We All Win: Rock, Tree, Bridge!

This is a great cooperative game to play with friends! Get into a wide circle and have everyone get into alternating poses of Child's Pose (rock), Tree, and Bridge. Then, one person gets up and goes around the circle stepping over the rock, walking around the tree ,and through or ...
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Jua Sandra Nnafie - van Dijk

Courage in Heartbreak: Healing After a Pregnancy Loss

"You don't realize how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have." Adapted from a quote by Bob Marley If you are reading this, that means that I found the courage to share the story of my pregnancy loss. If you are reading this, that ...
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president's day cookies

Presidents’ Day Cookies

What better way to honor some of our founding fathers than with a sweet treat in the likenesses of George Washington and Honest Abe? You will need:
  • Sugar cookies (fully cooled)
  • Chocolate bar that's divided into sections (if you need to cut the chocolate, dip the blade of a sharp ...
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girl meditating

YogaKids Poses to the Rescue

Is your child feeling angry? We have a pose for that  Is your child feeling anxious, we have poses, breathing exercises and techniques for that! Are you kids fighting with each other, we have a pose for that! YogaKids has tools for all of life’s challenges, and when used regularly, ...
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Kids playing Spinning Senses game

Spinning Senses Game

At YogaKids, we LOVE games where WE ALL WIN! These are sometimes called "cooperative" games -- because they strengthen our cooperation skills. Here's an example created by one of our Certified YogaKids Teachers called Spinning Senses. She created while going through our program and we love it so much! Here's ...
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coffee filter flower craft

Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers are easy to make and very pretty! Coffee filters are made of a very porous type of paper -- porous is an adjective used to describe things that have many tiny holes that allow water and air to pass through them. Rocks, fabric, and papers are a ...
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