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Halloween Lesson Plan

Halloween Lesson Plan

AGES:  2-6, 7-11 MATERIALS
  • Halloween music and something to play music (i.e. speaker)
  • Halloween coloring  pages
  • Markers or supplies for decorating mini pumpkins
  • Witches hat
OBJECTIVES/GOALS/INTENTIONS Use imagination and get the kids excited about Halloween! MUSICAL MUSINGS Play some scary or fun Halloween music in the background for ...

Walking on Sunshine

AUTHOR: Chelsea Keller AGE GROUP: 2-6, 7-11 MATERIALS: Blank sunshine coloring sheets, markers, crayon, stuffed animals/breathing buddies, The Yoga Garden Game, marbles KEY ELEMENTS:  Ecological Echoes SHORT DESCRIPTION/TOPIC Students will have fun in the sun with this class!! With uplifting sun music, a sun salutation, and interactively playing in our ...
A Mother's Sweet Goodnight

A Mother’s Sweet Goodnight

YogaKids Teacher Julie Pate wrote this poem after a guided meditation taught at a YogaKids Transformations Training while on her journey to become a Certified YogaKids Teacher. Julie shares that her YogaKids journey transformed her life by transforming her career and relationships . Learn how you can transform your life ...

Winter Lesson Plan

Winter officially starts on December 21, and ends on March 19.. In this fun YogaKids lesson plan we will explore the winter season’s animals, characteristics and interesting facts while practicing yoga in a fun, safe and educational way. AGES:  2-6, 7-11 MATERIALS Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? ...
New Years Lesson Plan

New Years Lesson Plan

It's time to celebrate a new decade and welcome in 2020  -- Take your YogaKids on a trip through 2019 and into 2020 through movement with this FREE New Years Lesson Plan from YogaKids! It's the perfect teaching tool for the home, studio or classroom.  Help your little Yogis set ...
Holiday Lesson Plan

Holiday Lesson Plan

It’s that special time of year again! It’s time to celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali, Chinese New Year, and Las Posadas. Teach your YogaKids the story of these special holidays through movement with this FREE Holiday Lesson Plan from YogaKids! It’s the perfect teaching tool for the home, studio or ...
Family on Road Trip Together

Car Yoga

My husband likes to take family rides in the car, as a way to spend time together and get out of the house. But, the minute I think of our three young kids cooped up in our mini-van, I immediately see into the future and hear “Stop kicking my seat,” ...
Girl in Swinging Pretzel Pose

Celebrate the Season with Edible Poses

If you're planning a kids yoga class about Thanksgiving, you might want to include a few fun facts about the holiday. You may also want to include poses that are inspired by food! Here are some facts to share and some of our favorite YogaKids' "edible" poses! In addition, you ...
YogaKids class in Circle of Friendship Flowers Pose

The Importance of Connection

YogaKids creator Marsha Wenig knew the importance of connection when she created the YogaKids program over twenty years ago. Marsha created 14 original Elements that YogaKids teachers weave into their classes to create fun, educational, creative lesson plans that are designed to help children thrive. Several of these Elements along ...
Gratitude Jars

Count Your Blessings Craft

It's so important to count your blessings! Our Blessings Jar began several years back on November 1s. We would nightly write what we were thankful for on a slip of paper and place it in the "Blessings Jar" that rested on the kitchen table. We would watch our blessings grow ...
Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

It's that special time of year again! It's time to celebrate Thanksgiving -- and encourage the greatness of gratitude in our lives. Teach your YogaKids the story of this special holiday through movement with this FREE Thanksgiving Lesson Plan from YogaKids! It's the perfect teaching tool for the home, studio ...
Silver Outline of Person in Prayer

Gratitude and the Highest Happiness

Santosha or contentment is part of yoga’s eightfold path. These eight steps help to guide us to a meaningful and purposeful life. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving during the month of November, this is the perfect time of year to pause and observe Santosha and explore how practicing contentment ...