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International Day of Peace Logo

International Day of Peace Class Plan

SEPTEMBER 21 ONLY: Use coupon code peaceday to save 10% on anything in the YK Shop! *not valid with other coupons* The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is a global holiday celebrated annually on September 21. Established in 1981 by a United Nations resolution, Peace Day asks us to ...
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Yoga & Me Come Be a Tree book

Yoga & Me Come Be a Tree – A YogaKids Book Review

Yoga & Me Come Be a Tree by Certified YogaKids Teacher and Occupational Therapist Tere Bowen-Irish is a lovely book that showcases various yoga poses in a very special light. Each pose is illustrated by two children performing a pose -- one of whom is in a wheelchair. With this ...
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Wet Poses!

In traditional yoga, poses are categorized by the position of the spine. In the YogaKids program, poses are categorized by subject. This helps with planning engaging themed YogaKids classes! There are 20 categories of YogaKids poses -- and one of our favorites is WET poses -- a category for celebrating ...
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Dino Does Yoga - A YogaKids Book Review

Dino Does Yoga – A YogaKids Book Review

Dino Does Yoga by Sofie Engstrom von Alten is a delightful book with a sweet story and beautiful illustrations. There are many ways to incorporate yoga poses into the reading of this sweet book.  A lonely egg who has lost its way, soon hatches Dino.  Dino does many yoga poses ...
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A Classroom Management Success Story

Classroom management can make or break an educator. This is why, during our Level 3 Transformations Training, we talk a lot about classroom management. We teach what we know works -- and we ask our students to share their own success stories. From YK Apprentice Beth Clemenger came this awesome ...
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Sock Eye Pillow Craft

Sock Eye Pillows

Created as eye pillow pals for Savasana -- but can double as Breathing Buddies -- this Visual Vignette idea from Certified YogaKids Teacher Sue Beres is super-cute and easy to make. Fill newly purchased socks with lavender scented rice * and tie with a ribbon. Add the eyes with a ...
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beach ball

Beach Ball Yoga

June 21 is the first official day of summer! Celebrate the season with this super-simple We All Win game! You can play it with 2 or more people -- all you need is a marker, a beach ball, and knowledge of a few YogaKids poses! Perfect for classes and parties! ...
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Dragon Breather Craft

Dragon Breathers

From Certified YogaKids Teacher Melissa McDonough,  this Visual Vignette is a perfect addition to any dragon-themed class. Don't forget the inclusion of the YogaKIds Dragon Breath Pose -- a child-friendly variation of Kapalabhati that tones the abdominal muscles and energizes the entire body. Dragon Craft Instructions Begin with toilet paper ...
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ozone craft

Ozone Shield Craft

A Visual Vignette classroom idea for integrating important Earth science from YogaKids Apprentice Rebecca Lizotte: Stand in Mountain Pose with the Earth (a print out, globe, or ball) in the center of the group. Imagine your climbing a gigantic ladder up to the cloud into the stratosphere. (Ladder to the ...
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Julie Pate

My YogaKids Journey

When I started the YogaKids training, my two sons were two and four; I was knee-deep in diapers, temper tantrums, and playgroups. I would often sit, buried in piles of brightly colored plastic toys and wonder if I would survive the toddler years. Days would pass slowly, filled with an ...
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girl in butterfly pose

Spring Time Yoga Poses

Spring is such a magical time... and here in the Magical Garden, we LOVE IT so much! The weather gets warmer and flowers begin to bloom. It's a time for bunnies, butterflies, and flying kites. Join us in celebrating spring with some of our favorite YogaKids poses! Reach for the ...
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Lemon Toes pose

Help Children Experience More Joy with Lemon Toes

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) was developed by Dr. Edmund Jacobson, and is a technique in tensing and relaxing the muscles. This technique leads to an increase in relaxation throughout the entire body, essentially, physical tension melts, which in turn relaxes the mind and emotions. YogaKids creator Marsha Wenig developed the ...
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