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Snowman Glitter Shaker craft

Snowman Glitter Shaker

GLITTER! What a great addition to a snow shaker! Your YogaKids will love this winter craft idea of a Snowman Glitter Shaker. Supplies
  • One jar with a screw on lid (like a pasta sauce jar)
  • One 12”x12” piece of felt for the hat
  • Hot glue
  • Glycerin
  • A ribbon or ...
Handprint Menorah craft

Handprint Menorah

The Festival of Lights has begun! Celebrate with this easy Handprint Menorah craft... perfect for your YogaKids class or an at-home arts & crafts activity! Supplies:
  • Patterned or brightly colored paper to use for candle flames
  • A piece of card stock
  • Tempera or other water based paint in the ...
Holiday Bells

Body Concert

We all learn in different ways and some of us learn best through music and rhythm. By incorporating music with yoga poses, we not only tap into the passions of children, but poses come alive, are more fun and memorable. During the holiday season, we hear many familiar songs. This ...
snowman skewer snack

Snowman Skewers

Make fruit fun with these healthy Snowman Skewers! Easy enough for your YogaKids to make on their own, this super-cute snack is a perfect holiday treat! Total time: 30m or less Ingredients:
  • Bananas – each banana makes about two and a half skewers
  • One red and one green apple
  • ...
Snow Covered Forest

Winter Solstice YogaKids Lesson Plan

The Winter Solstice is a time of renewal. Bring in new light, joy and peace. Enjoy this FREE YogaKids Lesson Plan that will help your kids celebrate this special time of year! MATERIALS Suggested Music: Reach for the Sun (YogaKids Musical MusingsCelebration (Kool & The Gang), So I Jump in the ...
Children playing in the snow

Snow Salutation

A sun salutation in yoga is a sequence of poses, linked together with your breath. They are a wonderful way to wake up in the morning, and celebrate the sun and how it helps give life to all living things. This winter, you can do a new version of this ...
girl meditating

Rainbow Week Day 7

"I am a Rainbow." The seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra. It's violet and reminds us that we are whole, centered beings. It is the acknowledgement and celebration of our connectedness to our higher selves, our world, and the energy that has created everything. An open seventh chakra helps us ...
Rainbow Week Day 6

Rainbow Week Day 6

"I am smart." The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra. It's indigo and reminds us to be smart and intuitive. Often described as our "third eye" or our "sixth sense," the sixth chakra is about acknowledging the truths we perceive separate from our other five senses. An open sixth ...
Girl Whispering in Boy's Ear

Rainbow Week Day 5

"I am Truthful." The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra. It's blue and reminds us to be truthful and authentic. It's easy to do and say what others expect us to do and say. An open fifth chakra is one that inspires us to act in a way that in ...
Rainbow Week Day 4

Rainbow Week Day 4

"I am Loving." The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra. It's green and reminds us to be loving. It can be so easy to get awash in bad feelings -- like anger, jealousy and fear. An open fourth chakra can replace these negative emotions with compassion and kindness. Take some ...
girl in crow pose

Rainbow Week Day 3

"I am Strong" The third chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra. It's yellow and reminds us to be strong. Life has a lot of challenges (especially for kids!) -- but we can meet them when our self-confidence is high and our personal power is feeling strong. A healthy third chakra ...
child with eyes closed

Rainbow Week Day 2

"I am Happy" The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra. It's orange and reminds us to be joyful and aware of the pleasures of life. Life is filled with pleasures! Good food, love, belly laughs, and so much more! Feelings of pleasure also help us to open up our creative ...