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Two Boys Laughing

YogaKids for Speech and Language

It all started with a wink... During the  summer before  11th grade, over 30 years ago, I volunteered at a special needs summer camp. I worked with a non-verbal boy with Cerebral Palsy, with long, beautiful eyelashes.  By the end of the summer, I taught him to wink at me ...
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Row of Seedlings

Planting Seeds

I became a YogaKids instructor a number of years ago. And being the enthusiastic mom I am, I attempted to share it with my then teenage daughter. It was not overwhelmingly received. The word that comes to mind is “tolerated”. She went along with my attempts to use her as ...
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YogaKids Class in Action

Hula-Hoop Hoopla!

YogaKids classes promote fun, fitness, and feeling good in a non-competitive setting. As a YogaKids teacher, I am always looking for new ways to keep all my students active and engaged. I love adding hula hoops to class! Hula-hooping is a great way to improve balance, coordination, and core strength ...
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Children and Trainees in a YogaKids Class

Cultivating a Community

Teaching yoga has many rewards, but it can be lonely at times if you haven't yet cultivated a supportive community. Many YogaKids Teachers travel from studio to studio. We're usually the only adult in the room and, while teaching in schools, we are usually the only yoga teacher on staff ...
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Child on Bed with Teddy Bear

Bedtime Breeze

Homework is done, bellies are full, the kitchen is clean and my daily mom duties are coming to a close. But for some reason, every night, when it is time for my three kids to get ready for bed, they get a second wind. They begin to run around, play ...
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The Needs of a Bully

The Needs of a Bully

So my daughter is being bullied. She’s 9 years old and in the third grade. It’s gotten bad enough that her miserable social experience has morphed into a physical ailment — a chronic morning tummy ache every day before school. I met today with her teacher and principal to discuss ...
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Trainees and Child Playing with a Parachute on the Beach

A Certification in Happiness

I started the YogaKids training back in 2007 because I wanted to gain the skills and tools I needed to successfully teach yoga to kids. What I found over the course of the one year program, and the years that followed, was that it not only provided me with the ...
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Children in a YogaKids Class

It’s All Fun and Games with Yoga

A great way to get kids moving and enjoying yoga is by turning the poses into a game. Gather up the kids and incorporate a yoga aspect to games that you already play. Check your game closet and re-sales for inspiration. Here are some games that I incorporate when I ...
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Students Meditating on Desks

Re-Defining”Yoga” for Schools: The Rise of Mindfulness in Education

At YogaKids, we speak to a lot of folks who teach children’s yoga. We also speak to lots of folks who WANT to teach children’s yoga. Some folks have self-doubt about their abilities to get up in front of a class. (To those beautiful people, we say that our program is guaranteed ...
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Children Sitting Together Outside

I am Part of All I See (a spiritual story and meditation)

YogaKids Momma Marsha has a quote: “I am you, you are me, I am part of all I see." This concept is such an important one to teach to today’s children because we are getting more and more disconnected due to social media, devices and video games. Yet scientists teach ...
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YogaKids Founders Marsha and Don Wenig

Out of the Head, Into the Heart

Early onset Alzheimers is proving to be a very different way of going through life. For Marsha and I this ever changing experience is the new normal. Everyday is a roller coaster ride. I watch Marsha going up and down, careening from side to side laughing, surprised, confused, scared, crying, ...
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Woman Meditating on Beach

“I am the Light and the Light is Me”

Words of Wisdom from Momma Marsha. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one afternoon when I stumbled on an article by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield about negative talk. Jack said, “If you have regular thoughts of self-judgment, criticism, shame, or unworthiness, create a true antidote, a phrase or two or ...
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