Friends and Family Discount

Apply PRIOR TO PURCHASE and 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE TRAINING EVENT and receive an additional $50 off any Level 1 Foundations Training OR an additional $100 off our Full Certification BundleLevel 1 Training Available in Areas Around the World — and as an Online Webinar Course!

Our Level 1 Training is both a stand-alone event and the first Level of our YogaKids Teacher Certification 3-Level Track. Whether your aim is to become a kids yoga teacher — or to get new tools for integrating yoga into a child-friendly environment (classroom, home, office) — our Level 1 Foundations Training is the place to begin. Learn all about the YogaKids’ revolutionary, one-of-a-kind way of teaching yoga to children. Limited spots available so apply today!

Terms and Conditions: No retroactive discounts will be given, and this offer may not be applied to other products or trainings, or combined with other offers, coupons, and discounts.


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