Happy spring, my bendy friends!

The first day of Spring is Friday, March 20, so I thought we could celebrate with a pose based on one of the flowers from the garden.

In the Yoga Garden game, you will see this pose listed as Morning Glory.

Morning glories are climbing plants that grow up, up, up toward the sun. At sunrise, morning glories bloom with delicate blue, red, white, pink and purple flowers. The beautiful blooms only last for a few hours before the edges of the petals start to curl up, and by late afternoon, most morning glory flowers will be closed.

Then they wake up and do it all over again!

Morning glory is one of my favorite morning time poses.


Start out in child’s pose, like this:

childs pose

Then, grow like a morning glory…

morning-gloryLift your face up to the sun, and sit upright with your legs still folded beneath you. Lift your hands high and wiggle your fingers like leaves in the wind! Take deep breaths and wiggle like a vine. This is a great way to wake up and energize in the morning before school.

Good morning, morning glory!