You are a graceful swan, sailing from side to side as you move smoothly through the water.


  1. Begin All-Fours pose.
  2. Bend your lower legs, point your toes to the sky and glide your body forward.
  3. Lift your chest and lengthen your graceful neck.
  4. Drop your shoulders and keep your arms strong. Y
  5. Breathe in and out.

Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Play with the following affirmations while doing this pose:

  • “I am graceful as a swan.”
  • “I sail with ease through hard times.”
  • “I am gentle and beautiful.”

Musical Musings
Play Tchaikowvsky’s Swan Lake while moving around as swans.

Body Benefits
Practicing Swan pose keeps the spine and lower back flexible. and increases upper body strength. It can help to lengthen the neck, improve posture and broaden the chest to help counteract slumping.