Mindfulness in Schools: Workshops for Educators

Classroom Yoga Made Easy with Tools for Schools

Breathe Life Into Learning with YogaKids

The Benefits of Movement and Mindfulness

With the YogaKids’ one-of-a-kind Workshop for Educators, you can revolutionize the learning experience by integrating movement and mindfulness in schools.

We will help you…


  • Empower students with coping skills that go beyond the classroom
  • Learn classroom management tools that will help you AND your students
  • Implement replacement strategies for punitive action (detention) that work far better
  • Create a stronger and kinder community
  • Integrate movement into learning to create deeper connections to curriculum content
  • Spark greater creativity, confidence and self-expression in your students

The YogaKids approach is fun, empowering and fully capable of reaching students of all ages and abilities. Our program, inspired by educational theorists Howard Gardner and Maria Montessori, takes a whole-child approach — and integrates math, science, literacy, art, music and more.

Choose from a 3-hour intro workshop or a 2-day intensive.

We then custom-design the content to best meet your needs!


As an Educator, you will learn…

  • Highly effective classroom management strategies
  • Innovative ways to manage students’ energy levels
  • Creative methods for teaching health and wellness
  • How to be a calm, creative force in the classroom


Your students will experience…

  • Greater academic achievement
  • Coping skills for trauma and stress
  • More confidence and creativity
  • Improved peer relationships
  • Better physical, spiritual and mental health

No yoga experience or special equipment necessary.

Transform the learning experience. Learn how to…

  • Easily integrate kinesthetic learning into the curriculum
  • Strategies for classroom management & energy regulation
  • Help your most challenging students
  • Empower your students to greater success & self-love
  • Give your students emotional coping skills
  • Transform your classroom with mindfulness
  • Create a peaceful, inclusive learning environment

“I was invited to attend the Foundations training at Lake Wales High School in Lake Wales, Fl. The Foundations training was ‘just another training’ that I had to attend per my principal. I am the school social worker at a middle school and am often ‘voluntold’ to go to trainings since my job does not require a substitute. After the first 10 minutes of the training, I was hooked. I loved the curriculum, the trainer, and the idea of implementing yoga into the school day. Through this training I learned the value of mindfulness, creating your own peace, and being healthy for your own self.

I am overly thrilled to be able to implement this into our middle school. Our school was recently traumatized by Hurricane Irma. We had one major building completely destroyed and another partly destroyed. We had many students lose their homes and stability in their lives from this vicious storm. I have attempted to start many support groups, but they tend to fizzle out as students choose to not attend. I am hoping the implementation of yoga into the groups will help our students with a new peaceful state of mind as well as an interest in attending a weekly group session. I am so excited about the opportunity to provide this amazing practice to our school, students, and staff.”

Mary Beth Claypool

Workshop Extra

Classroom Bundle (valued at $139)

  • Yoga Tool Box (50 pose cards with curriculum integration ideas)
  • Yoga Tool Box Digital Version
  • 2 Classroom posters
  • TFS Tote Bag
  • YogaKids Tools for Schools DVDs
  • Educating the Whole Child Through Yoga by Marsha Wenig
  • YogaKids Musical Musings
  • The Yoga Garden Game

Workshop Extra

Digital Educator Webinars (valued at $145)

  • Yoga for ADD/ADHD
  • Yoga for Physical Education
  • Yoga for Test Prep
  • Yoga for Speech and Language
  • Yoga and Religion