We asked our community a question. What are the biggest challenges you face? And they told us — allowing us to develop this online kids yoga training. As the pioneer of children’s yoga (having been in the business of children’s yoga for over 30 years) — we are in a unique position to give solutions to these challenges. We gathered together a few amazing teachers and trainers from our global community. And we spoke with them 1-on-1 about how THEY face these everyday challenges. Find out what they said — and how YOU can achieve more success and happiness in the arena of children’s yoga!

Module 1 The YogaKids Continuing Education Program for Kids Yoga Instructors
Unit 1 A Yogi’s Guide to Time Management
Unit 2 How to Make a Living Teaching Yoga to Kids
Unit 3 Effective Classroom Management Techniques
Unit 4 Teaching Teens the YogaKids Way
Unit 5 Teaching Early and Preschool-Age Children
Unit 6 Inclusion for Kids with Special Considerations
Unit 7 The Secret Ingredients of a YogaKids Class
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