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Tightrope Walking and Chanting

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By Rebecca Lizotte

Great Ideas category: We All Win

kids playing obstacle gameKids have all kinds of distractions throughout their day. This fun connecting activity can bring awareness to distraction and build confidence at the same time.

Have the children split into two rows. Place a string down the middle of the row. You can add obstacles beneath the string like bubble wrap, pillows, twists and turns, whatever you like! Each child will have a turn balancing a tennis ball on the rim of a cup and walking along the string path. The other kids will cheer him/her on by chanting “shanti” (the Sanskrit word for “peace”) — causing distraction to the walker. If the ball drops, just pick it up and continue to the end. Break it up by syllables. Hands clap at heart for “Shan”. Hands slap thighs for “ti”. Encourage the kids to synchronize.

When the game is over, tell the kids, peace is always within us.

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