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Planting Seeds

By Karen Martin

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I became a YogaKids instructor a number of years ago. And being the enthusiastic mom I am, I attempted to share it with my then teenage daughter. It was not overwhelmingly received. The word that comes to mind is “tolerated”.

She went along with my attempts to use her as my “guinea pig” in teaching asanas. Her eye roll additions to partner poses were quite creative, really adding to the experience! Even enhancing the practice by incorporating her music choices did not keep her interest for very long.

Time passed and I continued teaching kids’ yoga. The high school years led to college years. The distance between us grew physically as she was no longer just a scant few moments down the hall but two hours away by car. We connected often on happenings in our lives despite the distance, mostly via technology. Discussions centered on roommates, classes, and dining hall food. My husband and I explored interests left dormant in the uproar of raising our kids.

But last semester, something happened. My daughter decided to take a yoga class offered by the college for credit. And suddenly, it was as if she had discovered this practice of asanas, breathing, and philosophy for the first time, all on her own. It resonated with where she was in life. It was making a difference in how she saw the world and how a personal practice could enhance her life in many ways.

Suddenly we were sharing on a different level. It opened up new channels of communication between us. We exchanged longer texts and emails and opted for more talking via phone or Skype. In-depth talks about feelings and concerns surfaced. I was reminded how yoga is there to support us as individuals. And now, more noticeably, it can sustain us as a family through very challenging times.

When you share yoga, especially with children as a YogaKids instructor, you really never know the impact you may have made down the road. I was fortunate to have seen the effect of sharing yoga on a loved one. May your teaching be more far reaching than you realize.

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1 thought on “Planting Seeds”

  1. I I love this!
    I too have shared yoga with children for about 5 years .
    I hope that the seeds that I’ve planted stay with them like yours did with your daughter!
    Thank you for sharing : )


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