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YogaKids is the ORIGINAL kids yoga program. Our comprehensive program gives you all the tools and exclusive resources you need to empower children.

Our Online Level 1 Foundations Training is a 4-week webinar course. This training is both a stand-alone event and the first Level of our YogaKids Teacher Certification 3-Level Track.

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Once you register, you’ll hear from us and gain access to our online Level 1 Foundations course. Just watch the 4 video webinar recordings, complete all the assignments, and you’ll receive your Certificate of Completion. For each assignment, you’ll hear directly from our trainer whose feedback will motivate and guide you in your journey!

PLEASE NOTE: This online training is part of our YogaKids Teacher Certification track but does NOT count as contact hours toward the RCYT designation from Yoga Alliance. Those on the RCYT track must attend a live Level 1 Training.

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Whether your aim is to become a Certified YogaKids Teacher — or to get new tools for integrating yoga into a child-friendly environment (classroom, home, office) — our Online Level 1 YogaKids Foundations Training is the place to begin. This event, held both online and in areas around the world, introduces attendees to the YogaKids’ one-of-a-kind way of teaching yoga to children.

Founded by yoga-pioneer/ educator/author Marsha Wenig, YogaKids has been helping children — along with adults — discover the pleasures and benefits of yoga for over 25 years. The YogaKids Program, influenced by theorists such as Maria Montessori and Howard Gardner, celebrates the whole child. Our broad yoga-for-children program will give you the tools to teach yoga to all ages and abilities. 

Participants will be introduced to all 14 of the YogaKids Elements, the building blocks of this amazing program. These Elements (Math Medley, Laughing Language, Visual Vignettes… to name just a few) incorporate all the different ways children learn. They combine yoga with reading, writing, science, art, music, games, ecology, philosophy and much more — and thus, create a matrix for learning that’s accessible to all children.

Our online Foundations participants receive:

Access to 4 recorded webinars which explore the fundamentals of the YogaKids program
Access to our exclusive online Foundations Facebook Group
Expertise guidance from YogaKids Teacher-Trainer Kim Vulinovic
The Foundations Participant Manual (PDF)


For more information about YogaKids Teacher Certification and other training options, please visit our Training Page.

Timing: Level 1 Training is open to all. The prerequisite for Level 2 is Level 1. Trainees wishing to continue on to Level 2 must sign-up within one year of completing Level 1.




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