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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

By YogaKids Team

Bendy Blog category: Pose of the Week

Row Your Boat PoseHave you ever rowed a boat? If not, give it a try right now! Rowing takes strength and coordination. You use your tummy, back, arm and shoulder muscles. Your body works hard, yet the oars just dip gently in the water without making too many waves. Put on your life jacket and get ready for a ride!



  1. Begin in an L position. Place both hands alongside of your hips. Press them to the floor. Lengthen the arms and spine.
  2. Lean back. Lift your legs upward. Balance on your sit bones. Extend your arms forward. Palms face each other. Breathe strongly.
  3. Row your arms forward. Sing a verse of Row Your Boat.
  4. Row backwards. Repeat the verse.
  5. To rest, separate the legs slightly. Bend forward at the hips. Take a few deep breaths to renew. Can you row your boat forward and back 2 more times?


Note to Parents and Teachers

In the beginning, the back and stomach muscles might feel very weak. Over time, rowing your boat will strengthen the stomach and back muscles, as well as tone the organs of the intestines, kidneys and liver. You will notice when you sing and row, you can actually be in the pose longer than when you stay stationary without singing.


Activity Ideas for Home and Classroom

Musical Musings
Sing Row Your Boat. Do as many verses as you can while your practice the pose. If there are 2 or more rowers, come in at different intervals.

Here are the lyrics:
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

If you know this song in other languages, sing it.

Visual Vignettes
Make boats with origami paper. Place them on your tummy as you row. You can use a toy boat too.

We All Win/Laughing Language
Sit next to one another. Hold hands. Row together in unison. Synchronize your breath. Go on a boating adventure. Take turns leading the travels.

For example:
We’re in Alaska. The waters are very cold. The waves are big. Our boat is strong and we have life jackets. We see seals and polar bears and whales.