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See Saw

By YogaKids Team

Bendy Blog category: Pose of the Week


  1. Sit with your legs wide apart in a triangle position.
  2. Flex your heels and bend your toes toward you.
  3. The person with the smaller triangle should press both heels into the other person’s inner ankles. Keep your sit bones planted in the earth.
  4. Reach your arms straight to your partner and take hold of each other’s wrists or hands.
  5. One partner bends forward at the hip hinge, while the other leans back. The person leaning back gently guides the other into a satisfying forward bend.
  6. After a few breaths, switch the person being pulled forward and the person leaning back. Gently rock each other back and forth.

Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Math Medley
Use the See Saw motion to help students master their multiplication tables. For example, you ask “2 X 2 equals?” Students rock and answer, “4.” You ask, “2 X 3 equals?” Students rock and answer in unison.

Musical Musings
As your students rock and forth in this pose, sing songs together. Rock to the beat. Younger children can sing nursery rhymes while older students can rock to, well… rock!

Body Benefits
The See Saw is a fun way to stretch the groin and hamstrings, open the hips, and strengthen the abdominal muscles.