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Miami Beach, FL United States

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Hello lovely people of the world! I recently moved to Miami Beach from Fort Lauderdale and have taught kids in a variety of ways and places. I have been practicing yoga myself on and off for 10 years and love it. It centers me, calms me, challenges me, teaches me, and loves me. I wish that I had started practicing yoga when I was a kid and this thought led me to the process of getting certified to teach kids!

I want to help grow happy and kind humans and yoga is just one way that I love to inspire and teach little ones. Life is challenging for all of us and we need some support, community, and skills to get us to understand and deal with what life throws at us! I was a mental health therapist in my pre-marriage life working in a psychiatric hospital and a private practice. I have met so many inspiring and brave souls through this journey. I really hope that yoga, mindfulness, and love can help provide the connection that little people need to help them learn how to cope with stress, trauma, and even just a tough day.

I love incorporating fun music, crafts, books and games into teaching kids because it helps hold their attention and kids learn through play and experimenting anyway!  Please check out my Facebook page and Instagram page @onelovekidsyogafl for pics and class info.

A little about me: I love yoga, music, the beach, boating, cooking, being outdoors, traveling, Maine summers, hiking in Colorado, family time, nature….and so much more! I am a wife to a busy yacht captain, mommy to a spirited 4 year old boy, and I also lead Tinkergarten classes to little ones and their families.

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