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Calgary, AB CA

About Ana

Miss Ana has a degree in Psychology and initially pursued a career in adult performance development in the workplace. When she moved to Canada 4 years ago, yoga found her during a phase of her life when she needed it the most; so she changed career paths to pursue child care with her Level 2 Certificate.

She is a mother to 2 incredible kids with the biggest of hearts, who was born and raised in the Philippines.

As a mother, Miss Ana has always valued quality and having worked in child care for 2 years, she felt like she wanted to contribute more into children’s lives through becoming a kids yoga teacher.  She believes that it is such a wonder to be able to see such young children bloom into whatever they want to be with kindness always in tow. It is Miss Ana’s personal mission to foster optimism in learning and instill meaningful heart intentions in every child she crosses paths with.