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PO Box 252, 5092 S US Hwy 35
Kingsbury, IN United States

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I started taking yoga classes 3 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. It has changed my life. I have found an inner peace and inner warrior all at the same time. I keep continuing to learn about myself and  I would love to share that with children. I would love to help them so that they can grow up to find their own inner peace and warrior. I’ve worked in an office for over 30 years and I want something more fulfilling than just paying the bills. I want to help children in my community learn to deal with the stress and pressure that life throws at us. I’m not a mom but I AM the cool aunt and kids keep it real. I love the honesty of children and their passion for anything. I want to teach them that there is so much more to life than computers and texting.