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Happy Kids Yoga
Traverse City, MI US

About Dora

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and my passion has grown to include our next generation. I have always had a passion for learning but being a mother of 2 children has inspired me to find ways to ignite the love of learning in young children. After years of research I discovered YogaKids and have been very blessed to be trained in this format and share it with others.

Yoga and movement are powerful catalysts in creating a strong foundation for education. Children naturally respond to learning that is presented in interesting, fun and integrative ways. The YogaKids program incorporates two processes that most children love to engage in: sound and movement. Research has shown that learning can increase by up to 90% when language and movement are connected.

My mission is to promote peace, understanding, education and empowerment through yoga…serving children.

My vision is to create a family of happy and soulful kids and teens who will inspire others to get involved in physical activity, to connect their mind-body-soul and empower them to take responsibility for their health.