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Spring Grove, IL United States

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I’m Heather. In June 2019, I repatriated to the United States after teaching and living in Seoul, South Korea for the last six years. I taught second grade and elementary physical education for preschool through fifth grade at an international school. In June 2018, I completed the YogaKids Foundations course in Oak Brook, Illinois, and it made a world of difference in my preschool P.E. classes. Not only did they love doing yoga, I enjoyed teaching them. The first and second graders loved doing yoga, too. The fourth and fifth graders not so much, but one day soon, I would love to start doing some classes outside of the classroom. January-May 2019, I studied mindfulness with the Academy of Mindful Teaching-Mindfulness Matters. I piloted a nine week mindfulness program, incorporating some yoga too, with a group of fourth graders. I was very thankful that my private school had time for me to teach a forty minute lesson every six days. I was also able to go into the fourth grade, homeroom classroom every morning for 10-20 minutes for a mini-mindfulness lesson while I piloted the program. It was a wonderful learning experience, and the students got a lot out of it, too. I am excited to join you on this YogaKids level two journey. I quickly looked at the Facebook group photos and am inspired already. As of now, I plan on subbing, teaching kids yoga and teaching mindfulness in the fall until I land my dream job. Location to be determined!