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About Hope Katz

Journalist, publicist, author, and entrepreneur Hope Katz Gibbs (www.powered-by-hope.com) is a yogi at heart and has had a passion for health and wellness since middle school when she took her first yoga class. In the decades since, she has become a Certified Massage Therapist (Marin County, CA, 1993), Reiki Master (2015), and Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor (Kripalu, Hari Kirin and Ajeet Kaur, 2016).

Hope’s love for the healing arts inspired her to create Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine, www.BeInkandescent.com, an online publication that shares articles focused on health—mind, body, spirit, soul, and heart.

Her long-term goal is to create a national organization that take yoga, massage, and other wellness options to corporations, hotels, preschools, nursing homes with the goal of connecting with individuals who might not otherwise access wellness opportunities.

“When I was doing my Kundalini training, we were meditating one afternoon and as the bright sun of Massachusetts beat through the window I had a strong feeling that it was my job in the yoga community to bring this work to as many people as possible,” Hope explains. “In the years since, I’ve been creating pop up yoga classes (in Richmond, VA and Claremont, CA) and looking for partners to help me make my big hairy idea a reality.”

In 2020, Hope will be studying Yin Yoga (Yoga Unit, Claremont, CA) and YogaKids® to further educate herself. She is also studying Martha Beck’s Life Coaching program, www.MarthaBeck.com, so she can provide additional tools and training to her clients.

Hope started her career as a newspaper and magazine reporter after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986. Then, after studying for her master’s degree in educational leadership at The George Washington University, she launched her freelance writing business in 1993.

She has won several awards for feature and column writing for her articles, which have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Miami Herald, Costco Connection, and dozens of business, education, and general interest magazines, newspapers, newsletters, blogs, and websites.

Hope got into the PR business in 2001, when she founded Great Handmade Gifts, an online art and craft website that represented artists, artisans, and authors from around the world. In 2002, she began a decade-long stint working as the director of communications for the City of Fairfax Schools, and in 2006 added another client to her list, the international futurist think tank, Social Technologies.

In 2008, she incorporated as The Inkandescent Group, LLC, and since then has helped increase the visibility and credibility of more than 100 entrepreneurs, educators, authors, and small-business owners through the services she offers.

Gibbs’ mission: To promote, educate, and inspire.

Inkandescent Group’s services include:

  • Inkandescent Public Relations: A PR, media relations, marketing, website development, graphic design, and publishing company, InkandescentPR.com.
  • Inkandescent Health & Wellness magazine: A monthly publication that focuses on Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, Heart, BeInkandescent.com.
  • Inkandescent Women magazine: For women, by women, about women: InkandescentWomen.com.
  • Inkandescent Speakers—for women, by women, about women: This agency is comprised of the most knowledgeable business experts, been-there-done-that entrepreneurs, corporate and government leaders, veteran educators, and visionary futurists. With wit and a sense of humor, they offer best practices and insights into the hottest trends in business, and organizational, professional, and personal development through corporate keynotes, workshops, seminars, webinars, lunch-and-learns, and networking events, InkandescentSpeakers.com.
  • The Inkandescent Radio Network: “What’s your story?” is the question host Hope Gibbs asks of the high-level entrepreneurs, business leaders, government execs, and business specialists that she interviews on this weekly podcast show on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, inkandescentradio.com.
  • Inkandescent TV: This YouTube channel has more than 250,000 visit and features dozens of videos produced by the Inkandescent Group, www.Inkandescent.TV.

For more, send Hope an email at hope@hopegibbs.com, or call her cell: 703-346-6975