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Jennifer Gibbs
16 Place Haslinger
68000 Colmar, France


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I have been teaching YogaKids as a Certified YogaKids teacher for ten years. I am also a certified YogaWorks teacher for adults and a Viniyoga trainee. I currently live and work in Alsace, France, teaching classes in French, adding petite doses of English for my little and big yoga students. YogaKids is a professional, personal and parental adventure for me. The simplicity, creativity and joy of the method guides me in perceiving the world from the eyes, heart and brain of a child or an adolescent. My objective, like YogaKids, is to inspire and empower each student. And I do so with a myriad of colorful props and themes. I love creating my class sequences! With music of course. With legos for balance and concentration poses. I roar like a lion with my little yogis and then we do tree pose in a torrential forest ! We discover beautiful books with “Reading Comes Alive with Yoga”. We savor healthy snacks with gratitude. The Magic Cloud Carpet Visualization is a must! I have come to believe that conscious relaxation is the key, for children, adolescents and adults alike. It is the ultimate privilege to guide students in this endeavor. The fragile period of adolescence intrigues me; my current efforts are in addressing this age group. Never of course forgetting my petit yogis and flying like a butterfly! Finally, I would like to add, as my parents always told me, “Awareness and balance is everything”. Love, light and laughs… and thanks to YogaKids!