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I attended my first ever yoga class after the birth of my third child.  It was a way for me to get an hour, once a week all to myself; to destress and turn off my overactive mind.  Before having children, I was a Junior High Special Education teacher, passionate about sharing behavioral interventions, with my students and their families.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Education, as well as a Master of Education.

As my youngest was getting ready for Kindergarten, I began looking for a career that would allow me to reconnect with the education of children, but also the flexibility to manage my family.  As a parent, I had been researching a wide variety of treatment options to help my son deal with unexplainable leg pain.  Yoga was almost always listed as a treatment option, but I knew very little about how I could effectively teach yoga to children.

The YogaKids program approaches teaching yoga to children, in a manner that made sense to me as an educator.  I tried the “Om at Home” program with my family, which led me to a “Taste of YogaKids” and within a short time, I was on my way to becoming a Certified YogaKids Teacher.

My family and I currently live in the suburbs of Chicago where I teach four YogaKids classes each week at the Elk Grove Park District.  I also enjoy working with educators, to incorporate the YogaKids Tools for School program in their classrooms.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share my love of yoga with children.

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