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San Diego, CA US

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Beth manages a co-working, co-living and community space in New York City for those who believe in doing well by doing good. The Assemblage is a huge part of Beth’s life because after 25 years in the corporate world, she finally found a company interested in bringing health and wellness in the workplace. The Assemblage community is made up of people and organizations across all sectors of human endeavor — authors, scientists, creatives, NGOs, architects and beyond and promotes yoga, meditation, connectivity with mother nature and fosters personal and professional growth for those who want to go higher.

Beth is a wife and mother of four and her passion is working with kids. Beth launched a kids party planning business in 2016 and enjoys bringing joy and celebration into the lives of her own children and others. Her desire to join the YogaKids family came after joining The Assemblage and seeing how impactful yoga and meditation can be. She is determined to do her part in brining these practices to children in her community and the community of other families to promote well-being, confidence and fun in children.

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