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I was first introduced to yoga in middle school gym class when I had to choose between wrestling and yoga.   At 13 years old, I looked at it as a chance for a nap in school, but I kept coming back to it over the years.    About 5 years ago, I began taking classes on a regular basis and noticed a difference in myself.  I was more focused and I was calmer.  I also noticed that my body was in a lot less pain.  As a Special Education Teacher, I taught summer school for multiple years.  The last summer that I taught summer school, I had a really challenging class of students on the autism spectrum with varying degrees.   After two days of tears, a friend loaned me a book on yoga with kids.   At the end of the three weeks, I saw a difference in behavior and I was hooked.     I began integrating it into my groups at work and noticed at a difference in some of my most challenging kids.   This led me to pursue training with yogakids.  I love that it not only teaches the students yoga and ways to regulate themselves, but it also integrates academics into the classes.