Valeska Scharen-Guivel

  • Certified YK Teacher
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Business Information:
La Marelle CrossFit
47 rue de Berri
Paris, ile de France France


About Valeska

I am passionate about yoga! I am French, American and Sri Lankan. My background spans 10+ years in sports and medicine in the US and France. I have practiced sports all my life! I am a Yoga Kids trainee as well as a Level 1 (CrossFit) and CrossFit Kids trainer. I teach Yoga Kids, CrossFIt Kids and parents children functional movement based classes in Paris France. I am lucky to have a very active 9 year old daugther who does yoga and CrossFit Kids with me! I am opening a sports club for kids, The Children’s Gym, in Paris where I teach YogaKids and CrossFit Kids. My goal is to open another club in Agadir, Morocco.

I  partner with schools, associations and yoga studios to teach Yoga Kids

My classes are in English and French.