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Houtston, TX US

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I am Willow and currently reside in Houston, Tx.

Yoga came to me in the early 1980’s when yoga was new to the USA.  It has been my great and joyful pleasure to see and be a part of it’s growth in the development of Higher Moral Discipline, Higher Consciousness, and Higher Wisdom in our shared world today.  Namaste.

My Yoga practice has been my life line in keeping me focused and clear in my intentions, motivations and actions even when any one of my bodies has undergone transformation.  Most recently my physical body underwent 5 year illness where as I was unable to fully practice my physical yoga. One day not long ago I found that my balance returned and I was finally able to consistently make a forward bend without falling!!!!!!!  From there began writing a book called, ‘Mountain Warrior, Mountain Tree (intimate musings of a yogi)’.   Currently I have been blessed with the ability to return to my dedication to the helping of children connect with the joys of living and exploring life through all of our intelligence’s.  Today I have enrolled in the second and third foundation courses for two reasons,  one to reestablish my basic yoga practice from the ground up and secondly to further expand our Kindness Project curriculum for children.

In this life time I have worn many professions, embarked on many trails, written volumes, sat with river otter playing flute, kayaked on peaceful lakes at sunrise, swam with golden mountain lotus in places rarely touched by the unwild, explored caves and laid where heaven and earth know themselves to be ONE.  Today I have been called to live in the city and practice my peace here.  Today gardens are filled with flowers and the medicine wheel calls forth gentle balance, life is new.  Thank you for sharing your time with me, may we meet and remember our common kinship.

May your life be blessed today and everyday,

1992 Social Work, Office of Emergency Services, and Ministry.
JiMiTao-ABeautyWay, Founder and CEO (C)2003                           JIMITAO-ABeautyWay.com
Social Programs and Activities Director, BraveHearts:                     www.bhcctx.com
Certified Instructor for NONViolence :                                                crisisprevention.com
Contemplative Life Member:                                                                 https://contemplativelife.org