In addition to being a Certified YogaKids Teacher, Jen is also an Occupational Therapist practicing since 1998, with a focus in pediatrics and sensory integration since 2001. She is passionate and believes in supporting one child at a time through the integration of yoga and occupational therapy principles, while empowering balance in our children and our own lives!

5 Questions for Jen!

What does yoga mean to you?  

Unifying everyone together through kindness and engagement in the present moment!

How has yoga ( and YogaKids) changed your life?  

Yoga has always been there for me through multiple times in my life- my 20s as a cross training physical tool, my 30s as a pregnancy low-impact option for mind/body health, my 40s for challenging physical hot yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and sharing with my spouse & children.  I also utilize in the schools as a CYKT and Occupational Therapist supporting students with special needs. It will always be an option and tool in my tool box for physical wellness and mindfulness across my life span and to share with others!

What life lessons have you learned from the kids you’ve taught?  

Kids are our best teachers in all my occupations as a CYKT, Occupational Therapist in the schools, and as a mother! They are total mirrors of what we are socially modeling, inspiring, and facilitating within them and ourselves!  Also laughing, smiling, and having fun through challenging and hard times together is so important!

What is your favorite YogaKids pose and why?  Your favorite Element?

As a CYKT I have learned that students love savasana & quiet quests!  Music & guided visualizations & progressive relaxation tools are so very important for children to feel and have time to focus inward on themselves and their sensory motor systems. 

What is your biggest challenge as a YogaKids teacher-and what resources help you with it?

I like to challenge myself every class to engage every student to their fullest potential by staying flexible with the lesson and games that were planned. I always come prepared with a shell of a lot of ideas and activities within the theme and topic and then try to read my audience on where to go next!

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