“When entering the Foundations course, I was still apprehensive. I was worried that I didn’t have enough ‘yoga teacher’ knowledge or know all the right alignments and postures. But once we began our training, I immediately began to fall in love. I love how YogaKids isn’t just about teaching kids yoga. It’s about teaching them other valuable life concepts such as unity, math skills, language skills, listening etc. It really opened my mind to the way kids can learn and excel not just through school. I really enjoy the creativity and seeing the transitions in children.

I honestly loved my Foundations class; it inspired me daily while also keeping me creative and patient with myself like I will have to be with children. Watching the classes that were taught made me just smile and eager for more. I love how engaged the children were and how surprised they were when we weren’t just doing poses — and we were coloring or singing or moving around. It was a great, different take on yoga. I really enjoyed it and knew I wanted to go further with this.”