“Being able to access the webinar during my own schedule was a huge success. I am so grateful to be able to take this course online. I currently assist a yoga instructor here in our community and this training has actually shown me that there is SO MUCH they could be doing and I am SO excited to do my own classes the way YogaKids is training me! Also being able to have both Ann & Judy available to communicate during the online webinar was excellent. Judy is an amazing teacher as she explains everything with such grace that I never became overwhelmed by all the information. Ann is a wealth of information and they were both so energetic and positive. Judy sharing everyone’s assignments was a tremendous help as well as freely answering all of our questions. The training for this course has given me the confidence to be able to start facilitating classes. The assignments were very achievable during the week as it was the perfect way to ease me into teaching and also helping me to realize if moving forward to Level 2 was of interest to me. I am now looking forward to being a YogaKids Apprentice! Thank you! And thank you for offering this online as it truly is that way of the world now as many of us are not able to travel often and I can spread the love of YogaKids in my community now.”