“I arrived at the first morning of the Foundations Training with wild eyes and a racing heart after my forty-five minute drive turned into an hour when my loyal GPS decided to go haywire within a mile of the yoga studio. I entered to the soothing voice of Sue Beres, bursting with enthusiasm and compassion. Almost before I had fully rolled out my mat and while I was still cognitively anticipating an introductory circle share, Sue had turned me into my eager, silly five year old self as she warmly welcomed us. She then slid seamlessly into reading a picture book and, before I had a chance to second guess myself, I was a giddy nit-picking chimp along with my giggling adult co-learners.

During the course of this introduction class-within-a-class, I listened, I imagined, I thought, I laughed, I moved my body in all different ways, I saw and smiled at the other ‘kids,’ and by the end I felt energetic and joyful and calm. This felt like home to me. The books, the invitation to be silly, to work together, to pretend. My mother worked as both a kindergarten teacher as well as a dance and creative movement teacher. This is how she played with us and read to us and how she encouraged us to be creative. Somewhere along the way to a “grown-up career”, I got the message that being playful or moving creatively is not important. Being introduced to the unique aspects of YogaKids as a ‘kid’ reminded me how important these things are for learning, for connecting, and for knowing yourself.”