“When I enrolled in the Foundation Training I really only had the initial thought that I needed more lesson plan ideas. I was hired this year at a charter school grades K-9. I have always been interested in the effects yoga would have on children. As a school counselor, I discovered I was working with many kids with emotional regulation issues, anger issues, and behavior challenges. Having practiced yoga for some years now, I have felt the personal benefits it can provide.

The tools we learned in the training were so varied and targeted to teaching and education in general. Having worked in many schools over the years, I have always felt that the physical education component was been somehow detrimental. Kids are often judged on their, ability, bodies, and looks. PE class can be absolutely brutal for many kids. The yoga format somehow levels the playing field and promotes both body acceptance and mindfulness. It also is a way for kids to connect to other kids in a kinder more accepting framework.

I honestly had no intention of moving to Level 2 and 3. But through the course of the weekend it began to really click with me how beneficial yoga can be to kids. It is not just a “class” to teacher or one lesson plan to prepare. It may actually be the moments that a lonely child feels safe and connected to others. I am blessed to work in a school and have been given the opportunity to create that for a child.”