“This weekend was most rewarding and enriching. Marsha Wenig and Yoga Kids International somehow took everything I am passionate about, my values and interests — music, art, creativity, imagination, movement, language, community, environment, nature, health, expansion, vitality… and sorted them out, flipped them around and pieced them together into these beautiful fourteen Elements, the core and practice of YogaKids. Brilliant!

It was my privilege to meet Sara. She is a wonderful person and trainer, a beautiful human being, very unrehearsed and natural. Interesting and interested. Very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Her passion for peace and happiness and progression shines from her. She has a fierce energy – she had us moving and singing and sharing, in lively and interesting ways, for two days. Her infectious smile and energy, vibration and kindness, was constant motivation and inspiration. To ask questions and to make mistakes, to be creative and to be expressive, to try new things… Sara shared many personal stories and real life scenarios with compelling messages, affecting and thought-provoking. I carry with me, today, pieces of Sara’s song and journey. Beautiful!

The second day’s learning was more self-directed – a wonderful and needed opportunity to practice and design our own live YK class. An opportunity for small groups to share resources and strengths and create and develop a mind map and working theme. Watching Sara teach the previous day allowed space for me to make sense of the information I was learning and see it in action. Invaluable. Training concluded, with us circled and connected, in moments of reflection. I think we all left That Yoga Spot with a sense of having learned something new and valuable for ourselves and for our work and community. For always.

Immeasurable, the confidence I take away from this YogaKids Foundations Training. Especially as I branch out and begin meeting new people and beings, as I make greater connections and begin teaching on my own and sharing the delight of my own discoveries, truths and practice. The peacefulness and the imaginative exhilaration of living . Of loving. Of LIFE. Utterly grateful. Not only did I have opportunity to learn many new ideas and philosophies about sharing yoga with kids, but I also had opportunity to meet and know the ever-positive and inspiring Sara Hastings-Morris, and other curious and creative earth students, from all walks of life. I leave hungry. To learn sooooo much more. And deepen the meaning of my own practice and direction. I, wholeheartedly, accept and apply the wonderful changes YogaKids brings to my life. My wholehearted Thank You.”

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