“I attended the Foundations YogaKids training about a month ago. I very much enjoyed my experience and felt that the program fit a lot of what I was looking for. As a pediatric Occupational Therapist I am constantly working with kids on fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance, motor planning and praxis skills as well as getting kids engaged in activities and promoting healthy habits and lifestyles for them. I had used a few kids yoga games in my sessions to encourage movement and was excited to attend the YogaKids Foundations class to learn more about the program and other ways I could incorporate yoga into my sessions. 

One aspect I enjoyed most from my Foundations experience was that they plan for a 1 hour class which is typically how much time I spend with some of my clients. I also very much appreciated that YogaKids works in some educational and anatomy components, the visual vignettes and cooperative play types of approaches and the brain balance which are all things that I am used to already including in my sessions and I now have more ideas of how to work them in. I found that incorporating a theme into my sessions was something I had not previously thought of and loved that when creating lessons plans for YogaKids that a theme can help guide the session and activities included. 

Following my class, I looked up a free YogaKids spring lesson plan from the blogs on the website. I modified it a bit to use in one of my sessions and enjoyed the experience of using a lesson plan like this. I decided to move forward to doing the 2nd course for YogaKids teacher training online after that so that I could have access to more information and to help guide me in making my own lesson plans for the future. I look forward to learning more and being part of the YogaKids community!”