Amy Deterding

“When I finished Foundations, I felt as if a fire had been lit deep within my belly – it was warm, and exciting and wonderful. It was a feeling of capability and hope. I want the children I work with to feel this way – to feel they are capable of anything, to feel centered and healthy and in control of their emotions. I hope to bring this to them through Yoga. I am excited to begin this journey and look forward to learning something new every day!”

Mary Beth Claypool

“I was invited to attend the Foundations training at Lake Wales High School in Lake Wales, Fl. The Foundations training was ‘just another training’ that I had to attend per my principal. I am the school social worker at a middle school and am often ‘voluntold’ to go to trainings since my job does not require a substitute. After the first 10 minutes of the training, I was hooked. I loved the curriculum, the trainer, and the idea of implementing yoga into the school day. Through this training I learned the value of mindfulness, creating your own peace, and being healthy for your own self.

I am overly thrilled to be able to implement this into our middle school. Our school was recently traumatized by Hurricane Irma. We had one major building completely destroyed and another partly destroyed. We had many students lose their homes and stability in their lives from this vicious storm. I have attempted to start many support groups, but they tend to fizzle out as students choose to not attend. I am hoping the implementation of yoga into the groups will help our students with a new peaceful state of mind as well as an interest in attending a weekly group session. I am so excited about the opportunity to provide this amazing practice to our school, students, and staff.”

Laura Petracek

“Being able to access the webinar during my own schedule was a huge success. I am so grateful to be able to take this course online. I currently assist a yoga instructor here in our community and this training has actually shown me that there is SO MUCH they could be doing and I am SO excited to do my own classes the way YogaKids is training me! Also being able to have both Ann & Judy available to communicate during the online webinar was excellent. Judy is an amazing teacher as she explains everything with such grace that I never became overwhelmed by all the information. Ann is a wealth of information and they were both so energetic and positive. Judy sharing everyone’s assignments was a tremendous help as well as freely answering all of our questions. The training for this course has given me the confidence to be able to start facilitating classes. The assignments were very achievable during the week as it was the perfect way to ease me into teaching and also helping me to realize if moving forward to Level 2 was of interest to me. I am now looking forward to being a YogaKids Apprentice! Thank you! And thank you for offering this online as it truly is that way of the world now as many of us are not able to travel often and I can spread the love of YogaKids in my community now.”

Ashley Simpson

“I had taken a children’s yoga course before I started my YogaKids journey. At the end of it, I left very unprepared for teaching. After completing YogaKids however, I was excited, motivated, energized and felt ready to show children everywhere what I had learned. The elements of YogaKids help make sure every child is reached. It’s amazing and my journey with them is only just beginning. I highly recommend to all.”

Lindsay Ann Miskovic

“When entering the Foundations course, I was still apprehensive. I was worried that I didn’t have enough ‘yoga teacher’ knowledge or know all the right alignments and postures. But once we began our training, I immediately began to fall in love. I love how YogaKids isn’t just about teaching kids yoga. It’s about teaching them other valuable life concepts such as unity, math skills, language skills, listening etc. It really opened my mind to the way kids can learn and excel not just through school. I really enjoy the creativity and seeing the transitions in children.

I honestly loved my Foundations class; it inspired me daily while also keeping me creative and patient with myself like I will have to be with children. Watching the classes that were taught made me just smile and eager for more. I love how engaged the children were and how surprised they were when we weren’t just doing poses — and we were coloring or singing or moving around. It was a great, different take on yoga. I really enjoyed it and knew I wanted to go further with this.”

Chelsea Keller

“My Foundations was uplifting, informative, and inspiring. Prior to the Foundations training, I was teaching yoga to children, with a very non well-rounded approach… I guess you could say. In attempting to make all the yoga poses I knew kid-friendly and fun, I was missing the holistic, interdisciplinary approach grounded within the YogaKids philosophy.”

Sheila Tavengar

“The YogaKids workshop was so special. I participated in lots of yoga for kids workshops in Iran and they were good — but this time I feel that I am part of a big group whose mission is to serve children, family and the whole world. The program blends traditional yoga with new and professional theories — a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach to educate not only children but also their families. YogaKids is really generous in transferring information and everything you need to improve your teaching skills. They come along with you step-by-step in this path. You feel that you are connected and supported by a very professional and experienced teacher. It was so instructive and inspiring.”

Minga Mintz

“I can’t say enough… the quality of the programming for training teachers is outstanding and the quality of the approach to teaching yoga to kids and teens is second to none in my opinion. I’m a university educated elementary school teacher and early childhood educator with almost 30 years experience working with children and my experience studying with and using YogaKids approach has led to some of my deepest and most meaningful connections with students. Marsha really gets kids and I will always cherish the memory of my time spent with her.”

Heidi Deck

“A couple of weeks have passed since my Foundations training, but the excitement I had those three days is still fresh in my mind. I went to the training with the goal of adding to my educator toolbox. I wanted to find more ways to incorporate movement into the classroom, and glean a new perspective on how to best support kids who might be struggling to focus. I came away from the training with much more, and realized that kid’s yoga could benefit my students and many others in so many ways.

One realization I had during some of the breath work we did was that we don’t teach kids how to breathe. We tell them to focus, we tell them to calm down, but we don’t teach them how. As I just completed my ninth year teaching, I am learning more and more that some of those ‘other things’ such as breath, focus, self-regulation, social skills, etc. are just as important as the content we teach. This is one reason that I decided to commit and continue with my training.

I picture myself running YogaKids camps in the community in the future and starting a yoga club after school. I don’t know what the future will hold for me in my career, but I do know I am always seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow, and I am excited to see how this training will impact my path. I am thrilled to be part of the YogaKids community!”

Kim Vulinovic

“I came to YogaKids in 2001. At that time, no one was teaching children’s yoga in my community. As soon as I began to share the word of my new profession, doors flew open to me. Within the 9 months I took to complete my at-home-practicum, I earned more than enough income to cover all of the expenses of my certification. Since then, I am gainfully working as a YogaKids teacher in the Oak Park area. My annual billings are about $55,000, and I still have lots of free time for myself and my family. I believe in everyone’s right to earn a fair living, and YogaKids has brought me financial rewards as well as those of fun, balance and boat loads of happy children. Namaste to you!”

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