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What Makes Us Different

By YogaKids Team

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We often get the question, “What makes YogaKids different?” After all, there are a lot of kids yoga training programs out there — so it makes sense to ask the question.

One of the tenets of our YogaKids philosophy is We All Win. As such, we honor every individual working to bring the gifts of mindfulness and yoga to children. The more people joining in this important mission, the more children we can collectively support, uplift, and empower.

Part of what makes YogaKids unique is that we are the original kids yoga training program. Marsha Wenig founded YogaKids 30 years ago and has trained many of the YogaKids grads who have gone on to create their own kids yoga programs [e.g. Next Generation Yoga, Global Family Yoga, Karma Kids Yoga, Grounded Kids Yoga, etc.].

YogaKids does not take any of the money a Certified YogaKids Teacher (CYKT) makes from their classes and workshops. We do not have a franchise because our trainings give teachers the tools and support needed to empower the children of our world through mindfulness and yoga — but we respect that every teacher is going to use these tools in a unique way. We honor this natural passing down of wisdom and experience, and we celebrate the collaboration. As such, you will see many newer programs being created with YogaKids at their roots.

YogaKids is educationally-based. Marsha developed the YogaKids program based on the work of educational theorists Maria Montessori and Howard Gardner. At YogaKids, we see the Whole Child. We cultivate and nurture a world where EVERY child of EVERY ability is recognized, honored, and celebrated. In addition, YogaKids has been endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, & Jean Houston, Ph.D. Our videos and products have been recognized three times by the Parents’ Choice Awards.

When you become a YogaKids Teacher, you join a global community working to spread education, health, compassion, understanding, empowerment, and peace around the world. You have the collective support of this community and the ongoing resources of an entire YogaKids behind-the-scenes team to coach you and guide you every step of the way. Given the strength of our YogaKids community, you may find it the most helpful to hear the answer to your question directly from our YogaKids graduates:

* Vickey Foster holds a Masters in Education and teaches at a school for children with emotional and behavioral disorders:

* A collection of words from YogaKids graduates:\

* Written words from YogaKids graduates:

If you have any additional questions or want to chat directly with one of our YogaKids Teachers or YogaKids Trainers, please let us know and we’d be happy to put you in touch.

Wishing you a day filled with much beauty and peace! 

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