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360 Degree Owl

By YogaKids Team

Bendy Blog category: Pose of the Week

girls in Owl pose


Owls are known for their beauty and intelligence. Their amazing eyesight and hearing makes them great hunters too. They can’t move their eyes, but can turn their heads almost full circle.


  1. Roll up your yoga mat and turn it into a tree branch.
  2. Bend your knees and perch on your branch. Find a place of balance and sit upright, or kneel.
  3. Tuck your arms behind you. Hold each elbow with the opposite hand.
  4. Slowly turn your head from side to side, eyes wide open. How much of what’s behind you can you see? Can you hoot?


Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Body Benefits
360º Owl improves balance, posture, and flexibility in the joints, especially the hips, knees and ankles. And it’s fun to inhabit another kind of animal for a short time.

Musical Musings
Owls can flap their wings in silence and are able to hear even the tiniest of sounds in order to find their prey. If you perch quietly in this pose for at least a minute, what tiny sounds can you hear?

Laughing Language
Many owl calls sound to us like human speech: The Great Horned Owl seems to say, “Who’s awake? Me, too!” The Barred Owl says, “Who cooks for you?” What would you say if you were an owl?

Visual Vignettes
Draw a picture of yourself with wings and feathers. What would it feel like to be a bird?