Kids Yoga Training and Products

YOGAKIDS is the premiere kids yoga teacher training program for empowering children.

Use our kids yoga teacher training in your home, classroom, yoga studio, and medical practice.

Yoga for the home, classroom, medical practice, and more!

energy regulation
classroom management
academic success

coping methods
tools for anxiety
self-care strategies

social skills
fitness & self-esteem
community building

** Endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, & Jean Houston, Ph.D.**

YogaKids is recognized by Yoga Alliance as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training School

YogaKids: The Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program

yogakids classes = fun + mindfulness + movement

Why YogaKids? Because a YogaKids class is not like any other yoga for kids class. A YogaKids class is unique, active, and fun! Also, they’re educational! Our YogaKids Teachers blend the benefits of yoga with games, reading, math, science, art, and more! Furthermore, a YogaKids class reaches the learning style of each and every child.

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“I never DREAMED there would be such an amazing and effective organization who would ‘back’ me and my kids yoga business. This organization has training that will blow your mind! The amount of creativity, support, ideas, guidance, tenderness and enthusiasm from this entire company is limitless. My business would not be where it is today without YKI.”
Carolyn Tracy, Certified YogaKids Teacher

“As soon as I began to share the word of my new profession, doors flew open to me. Within the 9 months I took to complete my at-home-practicum, I earned more than enough income to cover all of the expenses of my kids yoga certification. Since then, I am gainfully working as a YogaKids teacher in the Oak Park area. My annual billings are about $55,000, and I still have lots of free time for myself and my family. I believe in everyone’s right to earn a fair living, and YogaKids has brought me financial rewards as well as those of fun, balance and boat loads of happy children.” – Kim Vulinovic, Certified YogaKids Teacher & Trainer

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Kids Yoga Mat

The All-New My MAT (Mindfulness & Affirmations Time) Kids Yoga and Activity Mat

Help your kids feel beautiful, loving, kind, brave, happy, strong, smart and more!

The YogaKids My MAT can be used as a kids yoga mat, or for mindfulness practices and educational play! Use the games included or find additional games, printable pose cards and coloring pages here. Enjoy cooperative fun, fitness and well-being with kids of all ages using this whimsical, foldable, easy-carry mat. Perfect for the holidays! And don’t forget the My MAT backpack/drawstring carry bag!

“I teach yoga to kids from 4-8 and I bring this yoga mat to every class. I use it as my own personal mat for class, and the kids love looking at the various animals and reading the affirmations to me! We’ve played a few games inspired by the mat and often use the mat as the “mat of honor” when a student is leading an activity or demonstrating a pose for the class. I’m amazed by how engaged the students are with the mat and love the beautiful and inspiring design!”  – Sarah Dittmore


cartoon bears hugging

Introducing the YogaKids Hug Club!

Research has shown that hugs (like yoga) can help your physical, emotional, social and mental health. A hug can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, create a connection to others, and make you feel protected and loved. This December, we invite everyone to join in spreading love and kindness throughout the world with the HUG CLUB DECEMBER CHALLENGE!

How do you play?

Simple! Hug as many people as you can throughout the month of December.  Post photos and/or videos of the hugs on social media  (Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram) and tag #hugclub and/or #decemberchallenge! We’ll share your posts — and together, we can make the world a more loving and caring place! Click here to learn more!

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