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African Rain Sticks

By YogaKids Team

Bendy Blog category: Magical Garden Archive

Water is so important in our lives. Think about how much you use in a day and most importantly: how lucky you are to have — what feels like — unlimited access to clean water.  The Water Princess is a great book to help us all understand what life is like for those of us less fortunate when it comes to water supply. Pick up the book at your local library — and make your very own African Rain Stick!




  • cardboard tubes
  • construction paper
  • aluminum foil
  • rice, beans, or popcorn seeds
  • beads, feathers, markers and other decorating supplies


  1. Cover one end of the cardboard tube with a piece of construction paper. Make sure the end is completely covered and either tape or glue it shut.
  2. Cut aluminum foil into long strips. Crumble the strips up and place them into the tube.
  3. Pour a cup of rice, beans or popcorn seeds into the tube.
  4. Cover the 2nd end of the tube with construction paper. Make sure the entire end is completely covered and glue or tape it shut.
  5. Decorate the stick with beads, feathers, markers and other decorating supplies.
  6. Turn the rain stick up and down and listen to the sound of the rain.
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