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Animal Hand-tlers

By Jess Estes

Bendy Blog category: Magical Garden Archive

(Originally published in the YogaKids 2016 Holiday Family Fun Guide)


  • Two pieces of card stock or construction paper per pair
  • Scissors
  • Writing utensil
  • Stapler and/or glue
  • Optional: coloring tools, paints, sequins, and other “flair” for decorating


  • Fold construction paper in half (short way) and trace hand on one half. Cut out both at the same time.
  • Fold other piece of construction paper in half, longways, and then each half in half. Cut along the lines. This will make one (with a left over paper strip) big head band or two small headbands.
  • Staple or glue the ends of the strips together to make them longer and measure the band around your head. If it’s not long enough, add a third strip to extend and cut to fit. Do not staple or glue them together to make the band yet.
  • The antlers will be laid out with the thumbs facing inward. Decorate or color them if you want to. Decorate or color the band if you want to.
  • Find the center of the band, and staple or glue the hand shapes to the inside, so the bottom of the palm is under the band.
  • Finally, close the band where it fits your head by stapling it together in the back, and then cutting off any parts that are too long.
  • Wear and make animal noises! What does a reindeer sound like? How about a moose?

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