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Brain Buddies: Mudras

By Jessica McNeil

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Finger Poses for Learning Readiness

Did you know you can talk to your brain with your fingers? Your fingers have a direct connection to your brain. When you touch your fingers together in special ways they create a circuit, and your nervous system passes the information right up to your brain!
mudra-spiderpushupsHAKINI MUDRA

Imagine what a spider would look like doing push-ups on a mirror. Bring your fingertips together and watch your spider do a few “push ups”. Now just let your fingers rest where they are and take a few quiet breaths.

Whether you take five easy breaths or relax for a few minutes, this brain buddy will help you remember anything at all.

Just ask for the right answer to a quiz or test and see what pops into your mind! This is perfect to do with Eyes Around The Clock for a double-memory-whammy! This simple finger pose reboots and balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

It increases the brain’s capacity and is ideal to use for problem solving or brainstorming new concepts.owleyesGYAN MUDRA

Touch the tip of your index fingers and your thumbs together. Make owl eyes. What can you see?

Now turn your hands up and rest them on your knees if you’re sitting. This Brain Buddy will help you concentrate and clear the mind so it’s easy to learn new stuff. You can use it to calm down whenever you’re feeling tense. At home or at school. Just sit down anywhere, bring your fingers together and take several slow deep breaths.

It will be your secret super smart brain builder. It’s also the perfect bedtime buddy if you’re having a hard time falling asleep. Lying in bed bring your fingers together with your arms resting at your sides or across your chest. Breathe slowly and the next thing you know you’ll be waking up from a restful sleep and sweet dreams.peacesign-energybarPUSHAN MUDRA

This Brain Buddy is really fun! It’s great for concentration, memorization, and will improve your mood. It is also a body energizer.

Just ask silently for what you want to do, breathe…and let your brain do the rest. Perfect as a study enhancer.

Right Hand: Join the tips of ring and little finger, and thumb, with your pointer and middle finger standing up. It’s kind of like a peace sign, except that your pointer and middle finger are held together, and not in a V-shape.

Left Hand: Join the tips of middle and ring finger with thumb. Your pointer and pinky fingers will stick up like an energy bar.