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L is for Left

By YogaKids Team

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What letters are to the left of the L? What letters are to the right? L is for Love. L is for Light. L is for Left. Right?

L is for Left
L is for Left


  1. Sit down.
  2. Extend your legs straight ahead. Press them into the floor. Flex your feet.
  3. Drop your shoulders away from your ears.
  4. Place one hand alongside of you. Use that arm to keep your spine long.
  5. Stretch the other hand in front of you. Make a capital L with your pointer finger and thumb. You’ll know you’ve got the left hand right if those 2 fingers look like an L.
  6. Move your L-shaped body to the left. Waddle sideways on your sit bones. Steer with the L finger wheel.
  7. Recite the letters of the alphabet backwards to the left of L:, K , J, etc.
  8. Come back to center. Realign in L.
  9. Move to the right, steering with your L finger wheel.
  10. Alphabetize forward from M to Z.

Note to Parents and Teachers

Use this pose to help teach children left from right. Seeing the L shape of their hand in front of their eyes and feeling the L shape of their body will help ingrain the letter L.

For young children, L is one of the letters that gets transposed. Usually around age 5, most can recognize if the L is backwards or not. If your children aren’t sure about left and right, use L is for Left techniques to help them learn.

Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Laughing Language
Make up, tell or write a story about a little lizard named Leftie and a row boat named right, who could only row to the right.

Visual Vignettes
Draw all the things you can think of that begin with an L (for example, lollipops and ladders). How about those that begin with an R (for example, rabbit, radio and rooster)?

Body Benefits
This pose will keep the hips and sacro-iliac joint flexible and fluid.