(Originally published in the 2016 YogaKids Holiday Family Fun Guide)


  • 1 wooden craft stick for each bird
  • Scissors
  • Brightly colored tempera paint (or other water based paint, watered down enough to make a hand print)
  • One sheet of any-colored colored card stock or construction paper
  • Paint, sharpie, or marker in a color that will show up on your paint
  • Whatever color paper you want to use for your bird’s beak
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes and other decorations, like pom-poms or glitter — optional


  • Brush a thick layer of paint onto a surface that’s flat enough to place your hand on, like a flat dinner plate or baking pan.
  • Place your hand, palm down, into the paint and roll it slightly to make sure the palm is covered
  • Press your hand onto a sheet of paper and lift it back up without moving it around on the paper
  • Let the paint dry before cutting around it.
  • Decorate your bird.
  • Glue one end of the popsicle stick to the back of your bird and draw little feet on the stick with a permanent marker or paint. Make sure the popsicle stick extends onto the paper by an inch or more to keep your bird from flopping over.
  • Stick your bird into a houseplant or holiday centerpiece for extra cheer!
  • Do you live in a very cold place? Maybe your bird needs a scarf or a warm hat. Use construction paper and other fun materials, and decorate to your heart’s content.