This is a great yoga game for groups! Begin with any size six-sided block or dice. Write or draw different poses on each face of a die. You can use a pair of dice for a larger group. You should also have a set of cards, numbered 0 to 10.

Take turns rolling the dice and doing the pose as indicated. As each person takes their turn, they become part of the group-created “yoga sculpture.” This means that every single member needs to be physically connected to someone else in the sculpture. When someone joins the sculpture, they can also make a unique sound, becoming an instrument in a group-created orchestra.

Take turns allowing one person to become the conductor of the orchestra. The conductor points to someone in the sculpture and draws a random card out of the pile. The person chosen recreates their unique sound equal to the number of times on the card shown by the conductor. If the number zero is selected, that indicates a silent moment. Experiment with the tempo of the music and the number of “musicians” playing at the same time. Play around and have fun!