1. Stand back to back with a partner.
  2. Both partners take one “baby step” forward.
  3. Reach back and take hold of each other’s hands or wrists.
  4. Keep your feet rooted to the floor and lean gently away from each other until you both feel a nice stretch opening your shoulders and chest.
  5. Come back to center, release your hands, and fold forward.
  6. Hang your body loose, then slowly roll up.

Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Analyze the physics of this pose. What would happen if either partner let go of the other’s hands? Why does this pose work best with partners of approximately equal weight?

Discuss the concept of symmetry in this pose and in works of art. Then ask your students to create symmetrical art of their own.

Body Benefits
Opens the shoulders, builds arm strength, and engages the core muscles. Builds coopertaions, trust and balance.




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